When a boy, he always recalls the past, because he exists in her memory, always remembers him, remembers his kindness to her. Then inexplicably fell tears. Once upon a time, girls were very happy. Because he gave her the love of no intention. Because of his infinity. When I think of being together, I occasionally beat my back for him, and he also drew eyebrows for her. When she was tired in the street, he would ignore other people's backs and help her to knead her feet Always pay for her with unselfish love, people say; love a person can pay a lifetime. She would never love someone for a lifetime if she didn't experience it. But he did it! She also realized his love for her all his life. She is very glad to meet such a good man in her life. Tears, can not escape the outcome, even tears also have a happy taste. Maybe that's the way people are. They always have to wait until later to feel important and want to go. After all, I can't go back to the past. After all, I can't see him Think of him Whether he can really feel her voice, if he can, she would like to tell him, really miss him; want to tell him, his name has already filled her memory; want to tell him, how she wants to light a heart lamp for him to light his way back; Some feelings, some love, can be engraved into the heart all one's life, some people will live in the heart forever even if they leave, some things will be remembered all one's life. Even if you experience a person's loneliness, the memory is also. She can only look forward to the sky; if there is an afterlife, she will hold him tightly, tightly in his arms, into her heart